Braver and Black Friday

Braver and Black Friday

Each year we share our stance on Black Friday as it matters that we remain transparent on where we stand at this time of year as a South African micro-business. Quite simply: we don't have the profit margins or volume bigger companies have, and so to offer large discounts on our products will simply equal loss and the inability to pay the skilled workers we have that allow our product lines to exist. As the founder, and sole owner, I want to re-iterate that we are also not trying to compete or be anything like big companies.

We are Braver, a small business, like many others, impacting our direct community with adding to employment, all be it on a small scale,  we are proud to be here in this capacity.

Our garments are made up in small batches and our high quality fabrics are not cheap. Our work ethic is in our process, our garments don't fall off a shelf in a day, but, with every year that we keep showing up we have living proof that our products are making the cut where we can say, without hesitating: Braver lasts for years (please keep following our care instructions ;)

So while we won't be bombarding you with discount codes, we are truly thankful to have you here and want to extend a 15% discount code. Valid as of 10 November until midnight on 30 November.

Simply use code BRAVEIT at checkout for 15% off.

To all who are BRAVER and then also wear it: thank you, your support to us over the years continues to be appreciated.

Stay Braver out there, Astrid


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