Jewellery By Karen

A small selection of sterling silver jewellery hand-crafted by one of the original bears in Cape Town. Karen takes inspiration from symbols, like the crowned heart representing loyalty & love, or the arrow indicating purpose and direction. These are all individual and are ready to ship immediately.

Collection: Jewellery

”Many of you already know of Karen Bear, not only is she my sister and has been around since the start of Braver, she also worked with me full-time for a good few years. To say 'she gets what Braver is, remains an understatement. Many of her designs remain a part of our permanent collections as prints and her work has a distinct attention to detail and depth. What you may not know is she is also an incredibly talented jewellery designer. It is an absolute pleasure to announce the arrival of a selection of her latest pieces” - Astrid | Founder

The process: each piece is carved from wax, cast into sterling silver and cleaned up. None are duplicates, each rose, each arrow is created individually in Cape Town.

This first mini collection features individual moon studs, arrows, crowned hearts and rose studs.

Available to order for immediate delivery or pre-order.