Dear Hunter

Hunter is a precious 6-year-old boy with an Optical Nerve Glioma (brain tumor). He has undergone 4 rounds of chemo and massive surgery to debulk his tumor since the age of 1.

The goal is to get him to age 8 to radiate the remainder of his tumor which cannot be surgically removed.  It already affects his eyesight (he is blind in his right eye and only partial vision in his left) balance and coordination as well as having developed seizures. Despite being benign is life-threatening if not treated.

For every shirt sold BRAVER will give Hunter and his family R100.

Feed A Legend

Could you survive on R1,890 a month? This is the harsh reality for every South African social pensioner. It’s all they have to pay for a place to live, food, medical expenses, clothes, transport, and anything else that they might need. After a lifetime of working, many of these old people are stripped of their dignity and become victims of loneliness, destitution, abuse, illness, and depression. Our mission at the Neighbourhood Old Age Homes (NOAH) is to restore dignity and respect to social pensioners. 

For every shirt sold BRAVER will give NOAH R100 to help feed one of their retired legends.



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