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Braver Wholesale

We've been offering a Wholesale since 2016. With continued improvements on all fronts of what it takes to produce wholesale orders, we hit the mark on excellent turn around time while delivering high quality products. Our communication with customers during the order process is one of the elements that set us apart in the industry.

Braver wholesale is where we take your existing branding and apply it to a range of of Braver made products including Shirts, Sweaters, Hoodies, Caps and Patches (to name a few). We currently offer screen-printing and embroidery applications for branding.

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MOQ + Pricing

Our minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 20 units. We'll quote according to the artwork you want printed/embroidered. Pricing is determined by aspects such as: many prints you want applied, how many colours in your design(s) and of course: quantities.

When it comes to screen-printing and embroidery we have set up fees to cover, so while we can print less than 20 units these would incur a higher cost. For more info on pricing please use the contact form below.

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ETA + The Braver Way

Turn around times depend on the quantity of your order. This said, we generally take 14-17 working days (with load shedding) to complete orders of 20-220 units. Wholesale orders only begin once full payment is made. We run a tight ship on our print floor and in our communications with our customers, so once an order is activated we'll confirm with you and you'll hear from us again at working day 7 of your order, and then at working day 12. By day 12 we can almost always give you an ETA.

Note: we're all living with load-shedding in South Africa and at Braver we work WITH it as best we can, and by no means drag our feet. This said, we are human, and sometimes things will be out of our control, we'll communicate this to you as we go along should, for any reason, your order take a little longer than usual.

We haven't missed a deadline since we started in 2016.

  • Megan Leighton

    I love working with the incredible humans over at Braver. From quality of the apparel to attention to detail & the entire customer service journey - Astrid’s efforts are unmatched.

    Barbell 1610 Review 
  • Wayne Smit

    Dealing with Braver is personal, a rare Human interaction that I do not experience with other suppliers. Compassion, dedication and courage being a great part of it. Our clients may be build by Junkies4Fitness however they are powered by Braver!

    Junkies 4 Fitness Review 
  • Pia Marangoni

    I have never worked with someone with so much attention to detail, and who goes over and beyond what is expected every single time. I have been using Braver for 2 years for custom apparel and reccomend to anyone! Thank you Astrid - this is how doing business *should* be

    Lift Coffee Review 
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  • Can you send me blank samples?

    Yes, this is how it works: we invoice you for the courier charge to deliver samples to you and from you. We run this on a "we trust you to return them in the same condition they were sent". You can also purchase blank samples if you prefer not to have them returned.

  • Can you send me a quote?

    Yes, to quote you need to provide us with info such as the artwork you want printed / embroidered. If you don't have your artwork ready, that's ok, you can send a written explanation. For example: 1x pocket size print in 2 colors on the front, 1x 28cm print in 3 colors on the back. Based on this information we can then quote.

  • I don't have a design, can you help?

    Got you covered. Astrid has 10+ years of experience in Graphic Design. We can help bring your idea to life and we have a variety of design packages to suit different budgets. We often run high-volume orders and so when we are not able to offer our direct design services, we have two outstanding freelancing designers we work with we can refer you to.

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