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Jewellery by Karen

Karen, my sister, has been around and involved with BRAVER from day one. Many of her designs remain a part of our permanent collections as prints.

Her work has a distinct attention to detail and depth. If you own a Fierce print that's one of her prints that continue to be a favourite here.

Karen is also a trained and incredibly talented jewellery designer, and I'm always for Braver Women pursuing their passions, so what an honour to be hosting a selection of her jewellery pieces now available in our SA shop.

This first mini collection features individual moon studs, arrows, crowned hearts and rose studs. 

An arrow symbolises one's trajectory in life, serving as a reminder of progress, self-development, and the tenacity to attain ambitions.

Each piece is carved from wax, cast into sterling silver and cleaned up. None are duplicates, and each is created individually. Access the current collection here.

Other designs by Karen on BRAVER

🇿🇦 Fierce in the Jungle in our SA shop here

+ 🇺🇸 Fierce Stripe in our US shop here

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I recently became the proud recipient of one of Karen’s jewellery designs- the Rose earrings – which I just love and am wearing with pride. Proud of her achievements , but also proud of who she is and the dedication she has to making fine jewellery with care and love. Well done Karen !

Erene Schwarz

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