Braver, on purpose

Braver, on purpose



Are you living your life on purpose?

Being Braver doesn't happen by mistake, it's a decision, it's intentional, it's on purpose.

I believe we've all been created for a purpose, and that is not something we all just stumble upon. It requires a level of self-awareness, curiosity, intentionality and work (to name a few). This can then often be followed by: now that you know your purpose, what are you going to do with it?

When I am not present to even the smallest decisions I make daily: I can very easily become complacent. When I become complacent: I tend to go off track and lose direction. When I lose direction: I very easily find myself making bad life choices. When I make bad life choices I spiral: and willingly open up a door to consequences that by no means impact my life for the better. So, I work on being intentional. Note: I didn't say I always get it right, oh how very refreshing to be human!

But, just because I may have tried to be intentional at something and failed, failed again, and again, and again: it is not a reason not to keep trying: again and again and again. Eventually I'll get better at it, not perfect, but a little better, and that is at the core of Braver: to try to actively be a little better, a little Braver, everyday.

To those of you doing the work to unravel the layers of your purpose: I see you and I want to remind you: you are here on purpose, even if you don't know what that is right now: please don't stop trying to figure it out: we need people like you.

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