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This September we launched our first ever Braver collab where we are asking you, our audience, to take part.

It started from a conversation with Friend of the Bear: Nicole Coopoosamy, around the mental and physical strength women are capable of when they take action. This led to an idea that grew into the concept SHE/IS.

Our goal for this collab is to prompt conversations with Braver Women to share with us one (she has many) of her unapologetic factors that shows how she takes up good space for her own self, and then impacts those around her for the better.

While the collab is targeted towards having conversations with Braver Women, we are also asking Braver Men to get involved. Men, if you have a statement about a woman in your life who is taking up good space, please share it with us here and we'll add it to what we are planning to launch.


This can only exist if you take a step of courage and share with us your SHE/IS statement. We also acknowledge that thinking of what that is can take time, so we're giving you up until 25 October to send us your statement. We'll then take every SHE/IS phrase we receive and use them in our design process to create something truly braver and beautiful.

This is open to a worldwide audience as what we launch will also be made available in our USA store with worldwide shipping.

Mark your calendars and get your SHE/IS statement to us before 25 October. You can leave a comment on the blog or submit privately here.

"SHE/IS a warrior in a world that sometimes forgets how fierce women can be" - Dom Smith

You can send us a word, a sentence, or a paragraph. Our hope is that you take this opportunity to be brutally honest and share some of your integrity and learned wisdom with your braver village.

"SHE/IS stronger than any doubt she may have" - Dani Da Silva

Thank you for being here, men and women. Stay Braver out there, Astrid


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SHE/IS as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside.


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