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The story behind Axe Mentality

Axe Mentality has been a part of our permanent collection since 2020. The concept of the print was to highlight that in order to achieve a goal, work must be done. At Braver we view the word work as one with many layers to it, two of which are:

We have the physical work and we have the mental work.

Axe mentality is also a prompt to remind you that sharpening your mind (while it may not have an as apparent return on investment to the outside world) takes repetition aka work. One way of doing this can be through implementing boundaries that will actively support the direction you want to go. 

Leave everything behind: all which no longer serves you: cut it off.

These boundaries may be your very own habits, environments you are choosing to be in, or people you are allowing to influence your life.

As with all our conceptual prints at Braver, our goal is to share with you what our designs have been rooted in, and then you get to take that and decide what it will represent for you.

If you feel like sharing what Axe Mentality means to you, feel free to comment.


Where to find Axe Mentality in South Africa

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Where to find Axe Mentality in the USA + the World

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Photo credit  Friend of the Bear, Ruan Van Rensburg



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