Braver go happy is a print that may just make you feel happy, or remind you of that "bear necessities" song from The Jungle book!

Braver Go Happy

In July 2023 we were asked to bring a custom print to life for a Friend of the Bear we call Panda. On receiving her custom she shared a bit about how her new print made her feel:

"I love the pops of's like a happy lifts my reminds me of Mowgli in the Jungle Book and the Bear Necessities song...give me a pot of honey...happy..." - Panda

The custom print we created for Panda went onto inspiring our Braver Go Happy print, and as with so many collaborations we have here at Braver, it was another serendipitous encounter that resulted in an item we're so excited to have become a part of our line.

"Happy is something we get on board with at BRAVER, and by that we don't mean it's something we're constantly in pursuit of, but more along the lines of 'we can be happy with the simplest of moments, like pops of colour on a shirt...the smell of coffee brewing...a walk around the block...a conversation with a friend.' Things that may seem so tiny and almost miss-able in amidst our adult lives, and yet can have such a positive impact on how we are going through those lives." - Astrid | CEO + Founder

South Africa Shop the print here.

Worldwide Shipping For those outside of South Africa you can shop this print in our USA store which offers worldwide shipping. We've made our Braver Go Happy print available in a range of styles including Unisex Tees, Sweats and Hoodies. Click here to shop. 

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