Braver women unite

Braver women unite

In September this year we announced the first ever Braver collab SHE/IS which can only exist if you, the village, heed the call to take part.

I believe there is great power in words, and this week I felt called to share a few of the SHE/IS statements we've received, that, and I have a strong feeling many of us, including myself, could do with the encouragement they render. 

"She is relentless in pursuit of her dreams" - Cindy Badenhorst

Each statement received is going to be used to form part of what we plan on turning into a beautiful Limited Edition print which will be available in our South African and USA online stores (date tbc).

"SHE/IS brave enough to feel pain and strong enough not to let it break her" - Ashleigh Tarr

We've also encouraged our Braver Men to share a SHE/IS statement they may have to say about a woman in their life who takes up good space, so please men, send us a phrase, we'd love to hear from you too and make you a part of this.

"SHE/IS worthy. SHE/IS enough" - Toni Coetzee

If you haven't sent yours with us yet please do so here or leave a note in the comments. What you share is entirely up to you: a word, a sentence, a paragraph, be braver: please don't hold back.

Thank you to each and every women who has become a part of this so far, YOU are bringing heart and we believe each statement shared will be one someone out there needs to hear too.

Stay braver out there, Astrid


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