Organising priorities the Braver way

Organising priorities the Braver way

This week I want to share a short succinct phrase with you.

"We can always find ways to make money, but we'll never get time back"

This said, finding ways to make money is not easy, but with an action taker mindset, in my opinion, it is possible. Getting time back? No chance. 

Next time life gets full and fast and and and…consider taking a moment and ask yourself:

  • Is there something I need to say no to?
  • What are my current priorities?
  • I say I want 'x', are my actions aligning with getting 'x'?

Please DON'T give up on doing what is difficult. Please DO put your time into what you know will serve your bigger picture and keep you aligned with your current priorities and goals (even if it's uncomfortable, then let it be uncomfortable).

At the heart of Braver are conversations, if this topic resonates with you, or you have another take on it, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Stay Braver out there, Astrid.

Photo credit: I took this photo once upon a time, many years ago in London Town. I went on a photo 'walk-and-learn' outing for a day with a group of people wanting to tap into building on their photographic skills. This newspaper clipping had been plastered onto a wall, the focal point to the passerby was the graffiti splashed over it. I remember dropping something, looking up, and this is what I saw. When I wrote this post I went through some old image banks of mine, the newspaper and the talk of time, felt like a good fit.

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